I'm Better Everyday T-shirt

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  • Spectacular quality fabric stitched with astonishing craftsmanship to give you a luxurious experience.
  • This garment is made of ring-spun cotton.
  • It is certified by OEKO-TEX. Every part of this garment is safe to use.
  • It is certified by G.O.T.S., the worldwide textile processing standard for organic fibers.
  • It is certified by Fair Wear Foundation, an independent multi-stakeholder organization. It ensures that this garment comes from places that maintain labor standards.
  • The garment comes packed in 100% recyclable material with no hint of plastic at all. We mainly use 2 types of packaging: Rigid envelopes in recyclable cardboard, with the FSC label, climate neutral, and flexible envelopes in kraft paper 100% recycled and recyclable paper.

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