I founded Funktionalz with a simple and powerful idea in my mind, to bring good vibes, prosperity and helping everyone reach their full potential as human beings, by delivering an exclusive quote that transmits a motivational, mind healing message. Each one of these quotes is exclusive and carefully written by me, testing the value of each word so that the message is not only unique but also meaningful for you.


Our Purpose

Each of your orders is a powerful act  to promote the mental health wellbeing. When you placed an order on Funktionalz, 1€ is donated to the World Federation for Mental Health, which is doing critical work all across the world to combat mental challenges, and Funktionalz is proud to contribute to their cause. We hope that you will do your part in this noble cause.


For additional information you can visit  wfmh.global 


The Founder

Javier, who after perceiving the importance of mental health in everyday life, decided to bring a respectful commitment to the planet and people around the world to extend some of his purpose of improving lives through the conscious and sensible awakening of our thoughts.